Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taiko performance @ Golden Week

Our taiko performance from last friday is on YOUTUBE!!... I play this song
go see it! :)

I talk about Taiko (pseudo-American accent) hee hee.

and the song I really want to play in the future :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

very very happy now.

a close friend I have from back home, who is thousands of miles away now... just called, and this time, even more than any other time, I'm so happy to hear his voice. :)

Thanks for calling. :)

Reminds self: count your blessings!

ra ra riot @ stubb's live music bar

went to a concert yesterday. A local band ( I think) called ra ra riot. It was pretty awesome :)

Basically there were 6 people, 1 guy lead vocal, 1 guy drums, 1 guy guitar, 1 guy bass, 1 girl electric cello (YES, ELECTRIC), and 1 girl electric violin. Alternative rock, I would say... vocally something along the lines of... I don't know actually haha. Go check out their page on myspace yourself.

It was lots of fun being in the front row. I was just glad that there wasn't any... moshing, going on, there seemed to be a more mature audience.

girl with electric cello on the left :) within 5 seconds of the show I told zach, "maaan, she's hot". He said that she was probably high (I can't tell but she was probably just really into playing the electric cello), but she was so hot playing the electric cello. like, WOW. i wants to play da eletric cello too.

It was a great night overall :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

my dream come true, possibly.

John Mayer 2008 Summer Tour is here!

Specifically, John Mayer @ Woodlands Pavillion, Spring (Houston), Texas - Aug 2, 2008.

It's his Continuum tour, continued, I think. Which is, my favorite album, of ALL TIME. haha.

Anyone else interested? :D

Friday, April 11, 2008

snap back to reality.

all this busy-ness in life.

things to do, deadlines to meet, goals to achieve.

just got a snap back to reality this morning.

why does it all matter? what are we working towards? what really matters in life?

In this case, conventional wisdom is right. The people in your life really do matter the most.

People in the past, in the present, in your lives - the ones you ignore because you have a paper due, the ones whom calls you don't pick up because you had a hard day and wanna sleep for another 15 minutes, the ones whom emails you keep in your inbox and eventually forget to reply, the ones whom you were once so close with but now you don't understand anymore.

time to get snap back. get your mind straight. don't take life for granted.

have a great day :)